New Year Contraptions

December 30, 2016

The Holiday Season is in full swing! – a wonderful time of gatherings among family, reunions of friends, and of memories both old and new. It is simple pass-times, pleasures, and nostalgia.

Like many folks, I love to hear the traditional songs and carols and to see the lights and colorful decorations on these snowy nights. And I love to watch the classic movies and old TV specials.

One particular series that always comes to mind is “Wallace & Gromit”. Perhaps Wallace strikes a chord as ‘cheese-lover extraordinaire’, or maybe it is simply his good-natured and rather eccentric character, so brilliantly supported by his silent (yet adorably expressive) pooch, that endears this pair. On this snowy day and  in this world of much ado, it seems the perfect time to share a smile….


Happy New Year to All!…. and may all your ‘contraptions’ be successful !!