What is in a name?..

December 28, 2014

When we were deciding on a shop name, we felt that “La Jolie Cheese Shop” expressed the international flare and flavor of our cheeses;  it spoke of the diversity and heritage of our great land Canada; and in some ways, we hoped it may describe your impression upon visiting the shop.

But there is a special story we would like to share….

‘Jolie’ is a derivative of two other very dear names…

‘Joker’ and ‘Light’, our beloved greyhounds.


They came to us through adoption after completing their racing careers, and have since stolen our hearts (and our couch).  Their gracious and noble presence has taught us love-unconditional, devotion-unending, and a spirit of renewal and strength.


I was recently reminded that the first recorded reference to cheese is found in Homer’s Odyssey. Interesting, too, is that the first record of a dog in literature is of the Greyhound Argos…also in the Odyssey.
As our journey here begins I smile at the connections in life, and how echoes to the past are with us in the present….



Greyhound Relocation and Adoption
GRA Canada
Mount Elgin, Ontario