Cheese – For – Two

January 28, 2015

Valentine’s Day approaches… and cheese is so very beautifully tied to romance.  There is the traditional heart-shaped Coeur de Neufchatel, Coeur du Berry, and even the more recent Coeur Cheddar.  Other cheeses that exude the subtle seduction of silky and velvety texture are the French Epoisse and Chateau de Bourgogne, as well as the soft and creamy Canadian Riopelle  and Grey Owl.  Of course, always true to love, is the classic Brie de Meaux and the luscious Taleggio.


The love of cheese… and cheese expressing love

… what could be more perfect?!


I like to recount the famous Roquefort legend of a shepherd, enamoured by a local shepherdess.  While in pursuit of her attention, he forgot and left his rye bread among some ewe’s milk cheese in one of the Combalou Caves.  On his return some time later, he discovered that the cheese was covered in an interesting blue mold.  He tasted with caution, only to discover that it was delicious!  Hence Roquefort cheese was born.

A part of me wonders how his romance turned out.  I like to believe that their’s, too, was the love story of legends.