July 28, 2022

TO DESCRIBE A GOAT, one could say they are adaptable, athletic, and amazingly efficient providers. Intelligent, inquisitive, and instinctively loyal, they are also steadfast and sturdy, yet easily tamed. I guess goats can be thought of as man’s best friend with horns.

Goats have been domesticated by humans around the world for thousands of years. The range of colors and specific takes on features are practically endless. Some breeds, like the Saanen, are plentiful on a population scale, and often make up large dairy herds worldwide. Others, including the rare Angora and Cashmere goats, are prized for their valuable wool.

Then there are some which are simply stars of the beauty shows. In Saudi Arabia the famous ‘Burgan’ has strutted the walkway and gained goat-lovers attention with a price tag well over $125,000.

What I find rings true with all goats is that their antics make me smile…. and often laugh out loud. As does some of the cheese produced with their milk. Architectural Valencay (the ‘pyramid’ truncated by Napoleon); rolly-polly St. Maure de Touraine (with the famous straw in the middle); and the mount-like Pouligny St. Pierre (which looks like something a goat would climb). Even the little round Crotin de Chevre brings a chuckle (‘crotin’ translated literally means… ahem… ‘goat dropping’).

This month, and always, I say THREE CHEERS for the handsome and hilarious; horned or hornless creatures we love & adore… and affectionately call GOATS!!