August 29, 2020

Over the past months, being more or less confined to home, I have taken the notion to view several much-loved classic films. One of my childhood favorites is the ‘Wizard of Oz’. This time, however, I watched it with a new and different sense of clarity.

I saw deeper into Dorothy… wind blown and disorientated… and felt her desperation and need for everything to go back to normal… to go home.

One’s home is much more than a place. There is a mysterious and magnetic property to it, and this magically aligns everything within into a single entity, a single concept called “home”. A rare beauty lies in the fact that it is so profoundly familiar that you don’t even have to notice it.  It is security and love; heart and soul; and alive with hopes and dreams and memories. And by this, we are anchored in life.

As we approach September, with a shadow of uncertainty and the looming covid storm in the air, I will think of that Kansas tornado, the havoc ridden but learned adventure, and of Dorothy & Toto and her troop. What will stand out is actually how lucky we are to be spending this unsettled time at the best possible place… home. I will also remember one of my favorite scenes as Glinda the Good Witch smiles and Dorothy clicks her ruby slippers…

… “there is no place like home