November 28, 2014

December approaches so quickly! In our two weeks here at St. Andrew’s Village we have met so many delightful customers and fellow cheese-lovers. The questions to us have often been related to preparations for the upcoming holiday season. We thought we would pass on a few suggestions….


First and foremost, we want to assure you that there are no hard and fast rules. Like all fine food presentations, the cheese board or plate should reflect your personal inspiration for the event. Having said that, may we suggest….


BEGIN with an exquisite ‘canvas’ such as a stunning spalted maple or walnut board.

PROVIDE variety in flavor..perhaps at least one goat or sheep milk cheese to add charm and conversation.

CREATE diversity in texture. A selection of soft, semi-soft, hard, and blue adds unique appeal to the senses.

FOCUS on color and shape. Let the glory of the cheese be the beauty to behold. Garnishes and accompaniments (such as fresh fruit, nuts,  fig jam or honey) can provide a delicate ‘accessory effect’.

And to enhance all of the above, allow your cheeses to come to room temperature just prior to serving.


A cheese board can be a wonderful adventure for your guests. Like your signature meal, it is your personal expression. I smiled yesterday as a lady shared her plans to create an ultimate “goats only” board. I do believe this will be the talk of the gathering!


As the season’s festivities begin, we wish you many magical moments to share with your family and friends!