Christmas is Grate!

November 30, 2016

At Christmastime or anytime, a trusty cheese grater is a kitchen essential, and for good reason Cooking with grated cheese, rather than sliced or crumbled, ensures a wonderful blending of cheese and makes for an even melt. There are many sizes and shapes and the bottom line is that one often needs several in order to match the desired affect.

Voila! Peugeot has introduced the Annecy Grater with different attachments for different grates.

The larger holes will handle the semi-soft cheeses in a breeze while the medium holes give a perfect texture to your Parmesan Reggiano or Pecorino toppers. If there is cheese left from your grating, one can simply cap the inner container and pop in the frig. And the seasonal beauty bonus is that this grater is super for nuts, chocolate, and spices too. Sounds like Christmas all rolled up!


We have a few of these special gift ideas in stock for the Holidays at La Jolie…. I am thinking that they may disappear before making in under the tree!!