Winter Blues

January 29, 2017

Here we are at the time of year when it’s easy to understand this phrase. We are half-way-in, and half-way-out of a season that can leave us feeling a bit low. Don’t get me wrong… crisp winter air, the crunch of fresh fallen snow is both invigorating and beautiful!…. but does it really need to last so long?..sigh..

But alas!… we offer a new meaning to ‘winter blues’. The wonderful world of Stilton, Roquefort, Cashel and so many more spectacular blue cheeses can add a respite from the cold.

Many feel that blue cheese is for select taste, and this may be true to a point. But if you are adventurous and / or one who ultimately enjoys this piquant fromage, here are some fun and super-simple ways to add a hint of  warmer climes…

  1. Bananas and Roquefort..(really!)… simply peel and cut a ripe banana and slather on some of the world’s original blue (as in banner photo).Amazing combo!!
  2. Clementines with Blue d’Elizabeth…. peel and arrange with wedge of blue. A pairing that works in place of the classic grapes-and-cheese… totally awesome!
  3. Summer Squash + Stilton… simply slice lengthwise and grill squash in oven under broil. A light crumble of Stilton on top makes a winning duo in both texture and flavor.
  4. Corn-on-the-Cob and Gorgonzola… yup! let the sweet yet light spicy note of this creamy blue substitute for your butter. Runny and delish!


And don’t forget… Aurora has a wonderful recipe for the seasonal slump too! Be sure to mark your calendars with the “Winter Blues Festival”!!