Guardian angels

December 27, 2019

As a New Year approaches, one can feel a sense of melancholy. We look back at the calendar that has just passed, and the ones before. Life’s path has lead this far, each year with its own twists and turns.

In retrospect I marvel at “coincidence” and at a deep sense of “supposed-to-be” that shows in even the simplest of moments.

Some describe this as having a ‘guardian angel’,… a force that steers us and keeps us on our course. It is with this reflection that I stumbled on a blog with video on the…”A Trapped Wild Sheep Meets His Guardian Angel”.

The story reads… a wild mouflon sheep was in the Russian woods when it’s large curved horns became securely trapped around a small tree trunk. Some time later a jogger spotted the creature in distress and, with ingenuity and a rather tough struggle, was able to free the panic stricken mouflon. I smiled watching the escape, realizing that the racing sheep will never understand the situation except to know a sense of panic and fear followed by a rush of freedom. If he could share his message, it may be that life has some mysterious and unexplained outcomes.

As 2019 ends, we wish you Faith, and an overwhelming sense of Hope and Joy in the path that lies ahead. Happy New Year!