..Away in a Manger

November 29, 2019

The holiday season is upon us once again! We have just set up what has become a ‘tradition’ here at La Jolie… the Nativity scene. Our’s features the gentle HANSA animal players surrounding the swaddled babe in the manger.

Christmas represents and celebrates the birth of the Christ child, and it was in a humble stable setting that this took place. Saint Francis of Assisi is credited with creating the first reenactment of the Nativity when in 1223 it was his attempt to place the emphasis of Christmas upon the worship of Christ rather than secular materialism. It was staged in a cave and was a living depiction with humans and animals cast in the Biblical roles.

Over the centuries different versions and venues emerged in different countries. From homes to churches, and from shopping malls… to even your local cheese shop, the Nativity continues to be an inspiration for many.


May the joy of this season fill your hearts and your homes always.

Merry Christmas!