Grey Owls

September 27, 2018


I was dog-walking rather late one night last week and suddenly heard a remarkable sound… the distinct ‘who-o-o who-o-o-ing’ of owls. I was immediately mesmerized as the soulful group echoed their calls back and forth.

First thing I wondered was, ‘were they grey owls‘?… as in Grey Owl (whose writings I have been recently reading). He was the famed incognito British to Native Canadian, trapper-turned-environmentalist. He had been given his name as he, like the owl, had a keen sense of sight, hearing and direction under the stars.

My train of thought of course led from there to cheese. Yes, the very popular Grey Owl cheese was dedicated by name to this unique individual as he once lived on the cheese-maker’s land in Quebec.

Further thought tied in the factual connection of owls to cheese. Dairy farmers encourage these beautiful nocturnal birds to reside on their properties by installing owl nest boxes. Their presence controls rodents and pests and greatly helps in keeping the animals healthy.

As I rounded the corner to home, I pondered a final bit of  trivia. When asked in England as to her favorite cheese, Meghan Markle replied ‘Grey Owl’.

It always seems funny how so many things in life come full circle and can be tied together in thought.