August 30, 2018

As I mulled over the idea of ‘crackers’ for a blog, I presumed it may be tough to find anything of interest outside of a “crisp, light biscuit;…complimentary offering with cheese..”. On the contrary. My search left me quite intrigued with how diverse the interpretation of one word could be.

Of course, in the most common verse, ‘cracker’ does refer to that crisp, leavened or unleavened accompaniment to cheese (and soup, etc.) But it is also a popular Scottish- Glaswegian term for:

  1. a loud kiss (syn. ‘smacker’)
  2. a boaster (“you’re a grand cracker”)
  3. a talker; gossiper; one good at chatting

Looking back to the late 1800’s in America, however,  ‘cracker’ was used in a somewhat derogatory way to describe ‘a poor white US southerner lacking formal education’.

Fast forward to the 21st century and cracker holds a bold new definition. Someone who breaks into someone else’s computer system, breaching security, is a ‘hacker’. Doing so with malicious or criminal intent and they become a ‘cracker’.

Hmmm… in this precarious day and age of  media, Polly may want to clarify what she wanna?! LOL

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