In This Together

June 30, 2020

During the past weeks and months many cheeses have been unavailable; several artisan cheese makers have closed; importing and shipping has been unpredictable; our business has been dramatically reduced. One can easily say that things are direly upside-down in the cheese world.

But I more than realize that this little retail microcosm is reflected in every sector and every aspect of life around the globe. We have all been turned ‘inside-out’ in the wake of this pandemic.

In some ways it is almost impossible to believe that an invisible virus has brought to the forefront our human vulnerability, and yet at the same time our experience with it has underlined our connection as humans. I can’t help but think of a line from astronaut Chris Hadfield’s lyrics, sung aboard the International Space Station… “You can’t make out borders from up here”. At the micro and the macro level, we are all one.

The existence of one Earth and one humankind seems so clear from certain vantage points, and yet it unfortunately becomes elusive and blurred when the world becomes busy and divided with diverse economies, languages and cultures. As we move forward from this difficult time, may we remember a lesson we have learned… we do have a bond… and one with a sense of respect and love that we owe to each other. We are but one world and…..

we are all in this together.



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