Bee safe

July 28, 2020

August! We are eagerly awaiting the summer harvest of honeycomb here at La Jolie. Should arrive any day now. The bee keepers at Rosewood Winery have said it has been a buzzingly good year so far given the hot July weather and the abundance of wildflowers.

You may have heard over the last few years about the challenges that the honeybees have faced. We have all been concerned about the reports that suggest extinction, and the compromise of the health and well being of the bees. Luckily, despite hives facing climate change, pesticides, colony collapse, etc., Statistics Canada data recently shows that honeybee populations in Canada are now at an all time high.

The Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists (CAPA) confers there’s actually no one single cause of honeybee issues but suggest colony failures may have been caused by a number of factors including pesticides and viral disease.

This made me ponder the global state of affairs for we humans. We are not alone in the constant struggle to survive, but we do have the knowledge and the means to help control the threats.We need to celebrate the success that equates reduced impact and the power to overcome. But, like the honeybee, we must also pay close attention and diligence in order to ensure a healthy and thriving future. We are all…. even the bees… in this together.