Valencay AOC

October 24, 2014

Valencay, one of our personal favourites, is our first featured cheese.  It’s character, flavour, appearance, and it’s unusual link to history, captures the imagination.

Legend states that this cheese was once made in the shape of a pyramid, but on seeing it, Napoleon (no doubt a great connoisseur of fine cheese) lopped off the top with his sword as it reminded him of his failed conquest in Egypt.  And so it remains…in it’s now signature truncated form.

This natural rind goat cheese is from the central Loire Region of France.  It is covered in salted charcoal ashes and has an overall mild and slightly nutty flavour.  The interior is soft and moist and in our classification, Valencay is considered an ‘aged fresh cheese’.

Valencay is delicious paired with fruity and lively white wines such as Sancerre or Vouvray.

We hope that you, too, find this cheese as delicious and intriguing as we do!