Grand Crème

July 06, 2016

A luxurious cheese indulgence is epitomized by Grand Crème. It stands tall and shows a lovely white rind and a smooth cream coloured paste. It is rich and spreadable, buttery and lactic, and boasts as a beautiful example of a triple cream brie-style cheese.

For both triple and double cream cheeses, extra cream is added to the milk before the curd is formed. This accounts for the signature richness and fullness of texture and flavour. This style and method of making cheese was first introduced in the ‘double’ form in Normandy, France in 1850. The first example was named “Petit Suisse” and was made by a cheesemaker whose name seems unfortunately lost to history. The tradition, however, has lived on in the like cheeses that followed. Seventy-five years later, using the original innovation, the first triple cream “Le Magnum” was created. More recent claim to fame triple creams include: “Brillat-Savarin”, “Delice de Bourgogne”, “Chateau de Bourgogne”, and our feature, “Grand Crème”.

Serving double and triple cream cheese calls for something bubbly as in champagne. Fresh fruits of the berry sort (raspberries, or strawberries) work beautifully as does a thin curl of chocolate. Sweet champagne grapes also pair nicely. Enjoy on any cheese board but be sure to include one of these decadent cheeses on your cheese dessert plate. A wonderful finish to a memorable meal!