Blanc Bleu de Rizet

January 06, 2017

Blanc Bleu de Rizet is a farmstead cheese made in the Auvergne region by the Rizet family on their own farm from their goat herd of 200 does (and 7 billies). It is a raw milk cheese using the milk obtained from the pasturing goats that happily feed on the beautiful green pastures that border the winding Oudrache River.

It is a small, yet tall and elegant, cylindrical round which displays a delicate blue mold coat lightly mottling the rind. It is a classic jewel in the world of goat cheeses… creamy and smooth with a butter-like character that resonates with sheep milk richness. It is moderately salty with a fresh tanginess, an elusive mushroom nuance, limestone minerality, butterfat decadence, and a finish that glides over the palate. A wonderful and complex goat cheese that stands out amongst many.

It is recommended to savour Blanc Bleu de Rizet in a simple manner… on its own, at room temperature, with warm crusty bread to enhance and cleanse the palate between morsels, and a glass of Sancerre in hand.