Cusie Castagno

April 05, 2016

This is a spectacular cheese produced by Beppino Occelli in the Langhe and Alps region of northern Italy. It is here that old world tradition is respected and century old methods followed. To be true to the “what is it?” translation of ‘Cusie’, this cheese is made with either a combination of cow and goat, or cow and sheep milk, dependant on season and availability. It is aged in ancient cellars and further refined in smaller caverns with specific environment and microflora. Each round is turned by hand and placed on a series of up to twelve different source wood boards. This gives the cheese unique nuances reflective of the type of wood, be it oak or pear, etc. It matures for 18 – 24 months and then is wrapped by hand in chestnut leaves. Again, this brings added character notes to the finished piece.

Cusie Castagno has a sweet yet woodsy aroma and nutty, sweet, sharp profile. A long, complex finish allows for a triple layer reflection into its interesting origins. Lovely on the board, the leaves add charm, dynamics, and a rustic aura. Serve alongside fresh pears or sweet fresh figs. Excellent with a full and fruity wine or a fine dark beer.