Emmy’s Animals

January 27, 2019

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I can’t help but think of the exciting yearly ritual of sending the infamous cut-out Valentines. There was, and still very much is, a lingering “special feeling” in receiving any handwritten card. The sender actually sat down and penned their message! To this day I have a treasure box safekeeping cards of various occasions, sent to me over many years. That special feeling is still there.


It would be hard in this day and age to survive without the convenience of emails and texts, but I still yearn for these tangible greetings.


Recently, I stumbled upon an absolutely delightful line of cards on Etsy … ‘Emmy’s Animals’. Having a well known soft spot for four-legged friends, this collection definitely resonated with the shop. They are original, heartfelt and enchanting!

As is often said, … artisanal cheese holds the talent and passion of the cheesemaker. It speaks to us of much more depth and emotion than of an otherwise processed ‘product’. I now think of this sentiment again each time a greeting is due. Rather than go for the keyboard, I reach for a special card and my pen.

Emmy’s Animals cards are available at La Jolie and on Etsy at