December 27, 2018

It has been a crazy-busy season here at La Jolie! In these final days of 2018, in the few quieter moments before the New Year’s rush, the crisp winter air seems warmed with reflection and ‘thankfulness’…

We are so thankful

….for the perseverance , dedication and passion of the many cheese-makers who stand by the true and genuine ways… (we so depend on you!);

…..for the support our customers show to us  (and the cheer and genuine friendship you bring to our days!);

….for a wonderful town such as Aurora (where ‘community’ is truly felt and shared)


And…. I must add a BIG ‘thankful to all’ on behalf of the donkeys.Our little collection box totaled $288.85!!! We have matched this amount to give a Grand Total of  $577.70!!!  ‘B-R-A-Y!!!’ (Donations are on their way to the Primrose Donkey Sanctuary and the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada).