culture magazine

June 30, 2016

A few years ago I stumbled upon culture magazine in a local Chapters-Indigo bookstore. La Jolie Cheese Shop was not yet an entity, but the love and lure of cheese was an ongoing part of life. I must admit, I was enthralled – and excited! A whole magazine…cover-to-cover… devoted to cheese and things to do with cheese! I hadn’t finished reading that first copy and already the little subscription insert card was filled out and in the mail.

As stated on their website, “culture is the ultimate publication for those who love cheese”. It delivers stories about cheese and the makers and mongers of cheese, the regions, the people, and the animals involved in the many facets of the cheese world, along with intriguing history and tradition, both new and ancient. It also provides a generous helping of things to do with cheese… exquisite presentation, pairings, recipes, and even info on how to make cheese.


Many thanks to co-owners Lassa and Stephanie Skinner who had the inspiration and founded this magazine in 2008. It was their vision that brought us a tangible and up to the moment venue for cheese lovers to nurture their passion. And thanks, too, to culture for featuring us in the summer 2016 edition of Shop Talk. We are happy to have the magazine regularly available for purchase at the shop… and I must say, I take great delight when a customer exclaims (as I did)…”WOW..and entire magazine on cheese”!!

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