151 years ago…

June 30, 2017

In the cheese world of Ontario, there is a 151 year commemoration this summer. It’s the celebration of a big cheese…a giant cheese.., in fact a 3,300 kilo round of cheese! This ‘Mammoth Cheese of Oxford County’ stood as a symbol of Ingersoll, Ontario’s world famous dairy and cheese industry.

This huge cheese was created at the James Harris Cheese Factory, located where the Elm Hurst Inn stands today. The milk of 2,400 cows from more than 250 area farms was needed to produce the 35 tons of milk that was required.

On August 23, 1866, after being aged for three months, the three thousand plus kilo block was paraded through the streets of Ingersoll to the local train station. It then travelled to the State Fair in Saratoga, New York before being shipped to, and showcased throughout, England and Europe.

So as we celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial, here’s a cheer to that incredible spirit of cooperation that makes us Canadian.

Now… I wish I knew what actually happened to all that cheese?!