Choose your Adventure

May 31, 2017

I often comment to customers that artisanal cheese in itself is an ‘adventure’…and to that we generally both agree and laugh.

True enough, a culinary adventure can be on  a larger scale and can mean travelling to exotic locales with the sights and sounds and rhythms of far-off lands. The food is distinctly part of this experience.

Likewise, some local urban tour groups offer a taste of many cuisines in one afternoon by virtue of visiting several cafes or restaurants that represent different corners of the world of food. Also an adventure!

But cheese has the magic and very unique ability to literally hold some of the well kept secrets of the globe.

Think of Keens and Montgomery cheddar. The cows eat of the land…the grass, the air, the water that is truly a part of Somerset becomes wrapped in cloth and not released until it is cut open here in Canada. In the same way, Rove de Garriques can hold the lingering nuance of lavender and thyme by virtue of the goats eating this vegetation growing freely in Provence.

Each new round we open at La Jolie is exciting. It’s secrets and glory have not been revealed since it left the cheese makers planks or caves. We cut – we smile – and we delight in offering you to share in this exquisite adventure!


As Father’s Day approaches, I think of my dear departed Dad. It was he that would advise this restless, ‘bored’ little girl to …”go outside,..sit down in the grass gently and quietly… and look very carefully”. He would continue… “there are miracles to be seen and adventures to be had in the palm of your hands”.

Thanks Dad.

Happy Father’s Day to All!