July 27, 2017

What“..  you may ask,  “do greyhounds have to do with cheese?!” Well,..actually not a whole lot. I did, however, find several greyhounds officially named and registered as fromages. There is ‘Stilton’ (1850 US); ‘Gouda’ (1900 UK); ‘Camembert’ (1982 US); ‘Mozzarella’ (2014 AU).. and so on. I also know from experience that greyhounds do, in general, love eating cheese-flavored anything.

But where the two paths cross here is actually in our love and support of the greyhound retirees.

Two beautiful ex-racers bring us joy and inspiration each and every day. They are gentle and soulful with a spirit that echoes their significant place in ancient history.

Once revered by nobles, the greyhound is the only dog referred to in the Bible; has blood lines that trace back for hundreds of years; and stands as the iconic faithful friend in Homer’s Odyssey. In the more recent past, the incredible speed of the greyhound has been the object of awe and entertainment in the racing industry. Although it can be controversial, the point in fact is  that they deserve to find a loving home and a happy retirement.

To this end we try to help the group ‘Greyhound Relocation and Adoption’ located near Ingersoll, Ontario… (yes.. that’s where the cheese museum is!)

I want to thank each and everyone who has dropped coins in our  GRA box – we will tally up at the end of August and let you know how much we have collected! In the meantime, hats-off and heartfelt thanks to all organizers and volunteers there. You are amazing at finding a couch for every sweet greyhound potatoe.


Your donations totalled $111.00 (awesome!) …and La Jolie matched that amount for a GRAND TOTAL of …   $222.00 for GRA