April 26, 2018

Sometimes timing is everything… and sometimes it is perfect. That came to mind when we were recently able to get more of the highly desired and highly requested Amedei Porcelana chocolate.

I’m sure some will wonder how a branded chocolate could be so elusive as to warrant such anticipation. But believe me.. it is exciting to receive Porcelana!

Amedei Porcelana has won various awards from the Academy of Chocolate including “Best Bean to Bar”; “Best Dark Chocolate”; and the “Golden Bean”. The secret? – the translucent white cocoa bean. These are grown on limited small plantations from a genetically pure pre-Columbian strain of the prized Criollo bean family. From these, Amedei produces a limited 20,000 bars per year and wraps them in individually hand-numbered packages.

And the timing? – I’m thinking here that many Moms would feel very special receiving this on Mother’s Day!…

….The best chocolate for the Best Mom Ever!!

PS. Don’t forget to tell her that Porcelana is used in the making of the ‘Golden Opulence’ – the Guinness Book of Records $1,000.00 dessert from Serendipity in New York City! …and, it is also in the World’s most expensive cupcake – the ‘Golden Phoenix’ at Bloomsbury’s in Dubai.