Mother’s Day

April 28, 2015

And so the question… how can cheese be the subject of a Mother’s Day blog? For me, one of the fondest memories of childhood is being in the kitchen and joyously grating pieces of a beautiful, large, orange block of cheese.

 The Mouli grater was a silver-colored cylinder type with a wooden knob on the handle.

 I was always in awe of the “Made in France” stamp on the side and imagining the shop that it came from and the trip it made to arrive in our kitchen.  All the time, visions of the end result of my labor – a lightly browned macaroni and cheese – made me grin.  My mother’s voice and laughter also made me smile. She was the creator of this family favorite and masterpiece, and I, her ‘assistant’. Her gentle guidance and her pleasant conversation made this a truly special time. 

My mother has left now, but on Mother’s Day I thank her for all that she did, and all that she gave.  Lately the thought enters my mind… could those early moments be the first spark in the mysterious connection to the world that now fills our lives each day? Yes, I believe that my love of cheese did, indeed, begin a long time ago.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers-to-be, the mothers that are, and the mothers no longer with us.  No words can truly express the gratitude for the power and beauty and selflessness of your love.