November 30, 2021

Today I decorated the trees. There is one at the shop (a real Balsam Fir), and two at home (an artificial aka dog-proof one, and a miniature counter top). I love them all and each is full of memories via the ornaments. Especially sentimental, though, is my little wire branched one that holds my collection of Inge-Glas.

The Inge-Glas company has it’s origins in Lauscha Germany, and dates back to 1596 for glass blowing, and to the mid 1800’s for the introduction of glass ornaments. In fact, they are the oldest Christmas ornament company in the world! Today Inge-Glas represents fifteen Muller-Blech family generations of expertise, and a cache of over 6000 antique and new molds.

Each of these special ornaments is hand blown into a mold; hand ‘silvered’; and then hand painted (with as many as thirty-eight steps). A five-point crown suspension ring is set into the top to signal completion.

I find that the lovely story of these collectible treasures truly resonates with the story of artisan cheese and with the shared essence of skill, passion, and heartfelt dedication. There is a depth and a peaceful aura to both. Perhaps it is the echos of the past that bring a glow to my little tree. I do know for sure that they make me smile every year about this time.


*a treasure shop for Inge can be found at