June 29, 2021

I must admit… a cheese shop blog about Hermes seems a bit skewed to my personal fashion interest. But let me assure you, there is a  delightful common vein that runs through Valencay, Vezzina di Lavarone, Durrus and the silk Jungle Love, Brides de Gala, and Smiles in the Third Millenary.

The word that comes to mind is  passion.

From the beginnings in 1837 to current date, the philosophy of Hermes rejects mass production, assembly lines, and mechanization. Perhaps most famous for leather and scarves, Hermes goods are made in France, each item often by one single person, in middle-sized work shops known as Les Ateliers Hermes.

For a single Hermes scarf it takes a solid 18 months from conceptualization to production. For every collection different artists are selected to configure each unique scarf motif by hand. The color scheme (of up to 27 different colors), and the screen printing (which must be engraved according to every new print), takes 700 hours to implement. The material itself is the strongest and most refined silk known, requiring the delicate twine from 250 mulberry cocoons for each scarf. The final step, the hems, are famously rolled and hand stitched by one person.

Trends will always capture our attention and be what they will be. But a true treasure… be it big or small, fashion or cheese… is defined by its creators and the ground that they stand. Nothing can compare to heart and soul and steadfast passion. So as the world rumbles by with more and more commercial and industrial versions to capture our attention, I like to dream of the hands… rather than machines… that created that which I enjoy.

Can you find the cheese on Hermes Gastronomie ?

ADD.  …I must share a true jewel for those shopping Hermes! GALT offers pristine scarves (many new), orchestrated in a most professional way. And there is a lovely bonus… proceeds support the rehoming and adoption of greyhounds… as you may know, one of my dearest passions.