March 02, 2015

Tania Toscana began in 2011 when British milking sheep were added to the Lenberg Farm’s family of animals near Lindsay, Ontario, and sheep milk cheese making became a part of their cheese repetoire.  The one hundred percent sheep milk is coagulated with a microbial rennet after which the curds are self-pressed, bandage wrapped and placed on pine planks for a minimum of six months.  The rounds are turned weekly to ensure even quality and taste.

At six months, Tania’s paste is light cream in colour and it has a mild sweet and nutty taste.  As it ages, the colour turns more golden, and a distinctly sweet and lingering caramel note develops.

Tania has won many awards including a Super Gold at the 2013 World Cheese Awards, !st place at the British Empire Cheese Awards, and 1st at the 2013 Royal Agricultural Show in Toronto.

We are delighted that Tania is in our spotlight as we now begin the lunar year of the sheep!