Ile aux Grue Cheddar

December 30, 2014

L’Isle aux Grue (Goose Island) is in the middle of the St. Lawrence River about 90 km east of Quebec City.  It is tiny… only 7km long by 2km wide.  From it’s four dairy producers, which are grouped into a cooperative, the philosophy is the same – to preserve the agriculture of this unique terroir.

Several award winning cheeses are produced here with one being our feature of the month… Ile aux Grue 4 year old cheddar. Thermalized (non-pasturized) milk is used to create this classic cheese which is firm, dry, and slightly granular.  It’s taste has rightfully matured to allow a robust and pronounced flavor which is perfectly balanced.  Look for layers of sharp-to-fruity -to-salty.  We assure you that this consistantly excellent cheddar will stand out among the best!