November 09, 2015

Along with the Old World classics, relatively current introductions occasionally achieve worldwide acclaim by virtue of notable style, flavor, and means of production.  Garrotxa (pronounced garrot-cha) is one of the new generation Spanish goat cheeses that has done this.

Frist produced in 1981 by a single producer, Garrotxa has now expanded to be made by several artisan cheese makers in the Cataluria region of north eastern Spain. One kilogram and round, this small cheese sports a rustic dark gray velveteen rind (pell florida). It is notable for a very smooth semi-soft interior with tiny holes in the paste. The flavor invokes mountain herbs, walnuts, and a hint of mushroom all under the subtle overtones of creamy goat milk.

Garrotxa is a perfect flavor match on the charcuterie board and works very well alongside shaved meats or chorizo. As a bonus, it adds conversation and intrigue with an old-world look with a new-world designation to the before or after dinner cheese plate. Serving with walnuts on the side echoes the nuance of nuts while a robust white wine compliments the pleasantries of the goat.