Cusie !?

March 29, 2016

A catchy name, indeed! Roughly translated from Italian, this can mean ..”what is it?”, and I imagine this was the question that Beppino Occelli was asked repeatedly as cheese connoisseurs tasted his delicious Cusie. And surprisingly, this question is actually quite valid as the seasonal effects lead the production to use either sheep+cow, or goat+cow milk in the making.

How delightful that the natural ebb and flow of supply determines the ingredients… true artisanal philosophy and innovation!

Beppino Occelli is a cheese-maker with traditions rigorously tied to the Langhe and the Alps regions of northern Italy. He began in 1976 and since has created some of the world’s most exciting new cheeses while remaining bound to century old methods. He uses milk from cows, goats, and sheep taken from the ancient grazing trails of the Cuneo Valleys to the pastures of Castelmagno and Valcasotto, and ages and refines his cheeses in century old cellars. He adds his artistic ingenuity in using a series of selective woods to age upon, chestnut leaves or tobacco leaves to wrap, and even locally milled grains for immersion.

For lovers of cheese, Beppino Occelli is a contemporary name to remember,… one that has sparked universal appreciation and respect.