A Wedding Cake

July 28, 2015

In April we had the pleasure of meeting Stacey and Eric. They were in the process of organizing for their July wedding. From the start, Stacey had a clear and brilliant vision of what would work. With the wedding being held at Willow Springs Winery, the cake must be rustic, unique… and cheese! And so the plans began…

Reflecting on this request, my mind wandered to the history and the whole tradition of wedding cakes and where we stood in the evolution of this custom.

The celebration of marriage involving a cake-like reference actually dates back to the Roman Empire. But very unlike the ones we now relate to, it was in the form of an unsweetened loaf. As the custom would state, it was broken over the head of the bride. In Medieval England, sweet rolls became the norm. They were stacked high between the bride and groom who attempted to kiss over the top for good luck. A number of slight variations later came the debut of the sweetened fruit-style cake, tiered and embellished in white icing and frill. It is thought that the 19th century Royal weddings signed and sealed this as our most recent tradition.

In current times, although remaining very traditional and symbolic, wedding cakes are now very often more expressive. They can bring to life the spirit of the persons and the individuality of the occasion. So on July 11th, we had a mission to bring this very special idea alive. With rounds of cheese piled and grapes and figs and vine in place, their cake was ready… and the start of life’s journey together began.

Congratulations Stacey & Eric !

We wish you happiness always.