The Wolf

September 29, 2020

For the last few years our mascot sheep in the shop window has become ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ for the combined month-of-October and Halloween. The basket that is destined for Grandma’s house has included fruit, crackers, jam and (most important!) cheese. Again this year we will don the annual costume as per our tradition, but this time round there is a philosophical edge to our display.

A German Proverb states: “Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is”

I think our Miss Red Riding Hood 2020 would agree… a wolf is not a good thing to run into. I definitely would not want to see one lurking while on a casual trek in the woods. The thought, even before one hits the trail, could certainly become the source of undue fear. Fear can potentially shape our journey and overshadow any bright moments that it may hold. Worrying about the wolf could make that life-size creature 20 feet tall and incredibly more ferocious. But knowledge of the woods, planning the course, and a keen sense of awareness can certainly help to prevent a problem.

There is a parallel, I think, to the times we live in. With the change of season, and given the circumstances that we face, the unknown has become the villain … the wolf. Rather than being frozen in fear at the thought, it is with high regard for prevention and precaution that we can ultimately keep the danger at bay. We must focus on the directives and guidelines that will help us safely through the road ahead.

And just like Red Riding Hood and Grandma in the storybook…. may we rejoice in a happy ending and… (best part)…celebrate with the cheese and goodies!