Thank you

November 27, 2020

Without any need to explain… 2020 has been an incredibly unique year. As a small business, the challenges have been many. In a personal context, it has been difficult. But I write this realizing that each and everyone has been affected. Some have dealt in stride with the circumstances at hand, while others have not been so lucky. Many face insurmountable hurdles ahead.

Through it all I have tried to remain optimistic… that we will all overcome and ultimately be wiser for the experience. But more than anything, a new sense of ‘thankful’ has taken root in my heart.

First and foremost, I am thankful for continued health. So many have been compromised… and so many have been lost. Secondly, I am grateful for the chance to continue with a dream and a passion. It is so important to us to preserve all that is anchored in and by the human spirit… the heartfelt ways of the past, and of the artisan. This need not be just cheese. The essence of who we all are lies in history and the dedication of those who believe that heart and soul are to be shared. We do not simply exist in a world of money exchange, but something much bigger and much more precious.

Thankfulness also fills my heart as you, our customers, consciously support our being and our cause. You are the reason that we are here today, and you are the reason that the art of cheese making continues. We are forever grateful for your kindness and your mutual love of what is genuine in an ever more commercial world.

As Christmas approaches, may you and your family remain healthy and well. We wish you hope, peace, and comfort during the Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas…

&  ‘Thank You’ to All