February 28, 2021

We made it to March!! It has been a long and very different winter this year, and the prospect of Spring is more than welcome this time round. March is also a month for family vacations, given the traditional school ‘March Break’. But this year (sigh) it will bring continued compromise.

I stumbled across this quote recently and it resonated with our situation:


gives us 


to go when we

have to STAY

where we are.

How true this is! Especially in this day and age of bits and bites of computer information. Thankfully there is a timeless and incredibly good feeling that comes from a book in hand and being nestled in a cozy spot on the couch. There we can take flight. And for the cheese-lovers out there… did you know that many a great book has ‘cheese’ as a central theme?!    Take for example:


“The Cheese and I”... an Englishman’s voyage through the land of fromage. This follows Matt Feroze (an accountant) who gives up his profession and his familiar world to immerse in the competitive French cheese industry. After a year and a half, he was crowned Champion de France des Fromagers! A truly remarkable story   …. or

“The Telling Room”... a mystery and a tale of love, betrayal, revenge, and the world’s greatest piece of cheese. Described as a book that ’embodies the spirit of slow food and life’, it is equal parts mystery and memoir; travelogue and history  and there is...

“Goat Song”... a short history of herding, and the art of making cheese. This shares a year in the life of a couple who abandoned their one-bedroom apartment New York City to live on seventy-five acres in Vermont and raise Nubian goats. It offers a meditation on the pastoral life and time spent among hoofed animals.    … and relevent to our times…

:“Who Moved My Cheese”... a #1 Bestseller that is very appropriate for the era we live in. It is a parable that reveals profound truths, and an amazing tale of four characters who weave a story to help the reader deal with change in their work and their life.

...and not to forget our young readers…

“The Stinky Cheese Caper” … a Disney Zootopia book that presents four capers featuring mystery sleuths Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. In this book they are ready for action, which includes a case of missing cheese, and four other adventures.


So-o-o-o… to help bridge the gaps of the month ahead, we are setting up a mini library at La Jolie!! The books above, and many many more cheese-themed offerings, will be available on a sign-out basis. Simply drop by the shop, choose a book, and borrow it! We hope that this inspires you to delve into the world of cheese, and most important… to get away without having to go anywhere.