Love and Family

January 28, 2016

In February we recognize Love and Family on two separate yet linked days. There is an equation of sorts here, and a true reason to celebrate. For I think we all agree that when the glitter and glam of the ‘things’ in our world are pushed aside, the real reason-to-be is about those that we love. To each this can mean a different circle, but nevertheless, love seems to be the common denominator to happiness and fulfillment.

Family Day was not yet designated when I was growing up, but my memory is dotted with days that resonate with that theme. And funny as it seems, many of my warmest memories of our special family days include the sight, and aroma, and flavor of cheese.

There were the wintery evenings of challenging my brother to the best dip in the fondue pot (where even broccoli was made delicious thanks to the cheese); … the after-skating grilled cheese that was on my mind long before frozen fingers signaled the time for home; …and, while playing Scrabble, the warming wafts of cheddar that assured us that our favorite macaroni and cheese was nearly ready.

I guess it is very true that the sense of smell and taste can magically transport a person to another time and place. And as the years move forward, I know that the times you share this Family Day will come back to you and those you love as an oasis of joy and comfort. Have fun!