January 27, 2022

You may be wondering… how could these beautiful Pacific islands possibly relate to the world of artisan cheese? Let me explain…

If you have, indeed, been to Hawaii, you know that it holds a little bit of heaven. The scenery, the climate, and most importantly, the people. As with the spirit of the artisan, Hawaii resonates heart and soul and passion. It is the land of true Aloha.

Secondly, the island of Maui really does have a cheese production! ‘Surfing Goat Dairy’ is a farm located near Kula, on the beautiful slopes of Haleakala. The goats are as hilarious as goats everywhere… and they have surf boards! The fromagerie creates amazing varieties of fresh chevre, and offers interactive tours for tourists.

Hand-in-hand with the theme of artisan and cheese, is a charming woodworking shop, also on Maui. At TBM Creations they specialize in lovely wood and resin pieces, inclusive of truly stunning *cheese boards! Amazing life-like waves edge them, giving an incredible illusion of sea and sand. Think dreamy appetizers to a luau.

Finally… when you close your eyes,  the vision of Hawaii, and the thought of cheese, both have the unique and amazing power to truly make you smile and feel warm inside…. even in the month of February.



*A heartfelt mahalo to my Hawaiian Ohana for this beautiful gift.