April 28, 2019

One of the things I look forward to each Spring is the flowering of our front yard Malus sargentii… more commonly known as a ‘miniature crabapple’. Each year the little tree announces the season with a breathtaking burst of tiny white flowers. Although ours is of the ‘ornamental’ variety – to humans that is – the bees and the birds certainly enjoy the bounty of its successive seasons.

Several crabapple cultivars, such as the M. domestica or Dolgo, are exceptional for their sweet apples. These fruits are an excellent source of pectin and perfect to be made into a delicious ruby-colored preserve.

Appleflats  is a family-run business owned and steered by brothers Alex and Glen Smyth in Shakespeare Ontario. They specialize in some of the newest and, (take-it-from-us), best crabapple products ever! The family recipe conjures up jellies that are.. “sweetly tart and a little wild”. I also love that all of their crabapples are still handpicked and never sprayed with pesticides; no artificial color or sweeteners either.

So here’s to spring and the beginnings of another bountiful season! And here’s to these delights that will definitely become ‘the apple of your cheeseboard’!!