March 29, 2022

As the Spring of 2022 unfolds, there is energy in the air, and a more positive outlook as we anticipate the warmer days ahead. Many are hoping to stretch a bit, and to explore in order to renew spirits. After such a long haul at home, adventure is calling.

I always say that cheese is an adventure in itself. Indeed it is. But to compliment the love of cheese and the yearning for travel, there is the Oxford County Cheese Trail!

Oxford County is close enough to Aurora to make for a one (or two, or three) day trip within southern Ontario. It is renowned as one of Canada’s most popular dairy regions, and holds many cheese and cheese-related treasures. Offered by Tourism Oxford, a self-guided map is made up of  number of curated stops with a unique local cheese or dairy item theme. The trail is also divided into hubs to help identify what highlights are nearby. If you plan on seeing everything, the suggested route starts at Mountainoak Cheese then on to 1909 Culinary Academy and Bright Cheese and Butter. It is then to Woodstock to check out Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese, and forward to Ingersoll. Exploring all the stops on the trail can take more than a day, but by following the predetermined route, the next stop is always just twenty minutes away.

For more information, check out the Oxford County Tourism website:

…click through for the details of their Cheese Trail… download the guide…and then get your motor running! A formageful journey awaits!!