Cheese Moon?

February 28, 2018

Approaching quickly is the much anticipated school ‘March Break’. The children are so delighted and excited!!… and Mom and Dad?…well,..just think of the wonderful memories you can make!

This is the month we like to focus on our customers’ junior cheese lovers. In past blogs we have featured the beloved Wallace & Gromit travelling to the moon-made-of-cheese. I now give you Peppa Pig and family going to the museum to prove otherwise to Papa Pig!…


So where did this idea of the moon being made of cheese begin? Apparently it was first noted in a proverb in the mid 1500’s. A wolf  was tricked into believing the reflection of the moon in a pond was a round of cheese, and was distracted enough to allow his intended meal to escape. It has since been widely used to imply a gullible nature. Recently, most every children’s program has made it’s fair share of moon cheese jokes. Even NASA couldn’t resist… On April Fools Day 2002, their administration claimed to have proven this by releasing a photo-shopped image with a “best-before” date on one of the moon’s craters. So, next time you look up at night, ponder the likeness, and I’m sure it will bring a smile…and maybe even a craving for cheese.

We hope that you have a wonderful mid-winter break. Perhaps a trip to a museum would be fun!?…or, like Mika, just enjoy watching Peppa Pig!!