CANADA… and cheese

June 28, 2019

July always starts with a bang. Literally. The 1st is Canada’s Birthday!… and what a great time to celebrate everything ‘Canadian’. Without a doubt, this includes cheese.  At La Jolie we receive many requests for ‘local’ cheese and Canada-themed boards for the holiday. This stirred a certain curiosity on just how we as Canadians fare in the ‘cheese stats’. Did you know….


  • In 2018 the volume of cheese produced in Canada amounted to around 510 million kilograms
  • Per capita consumption shows that ‘specialty cheese’ is the most popular category, followed by ‘cheddar’
  • Canada exported about 9.45 million kilos of cheese in 2018, amounting to about 64 million dollars in export value
  • On average, each Canadian consumes about 13.8 kg of cheese on an annual basis (…and like the previous stat shows, we show a clear preference by proportionately consuming only 1.8 kg of ‘processed cheese’ per year)


So, staying true to the stats…. get that cheese board ready, grab your favorite wine, …and sit back and enjoy the fireworks!


*******  HAPPY CANADA DAY !!  *******