Aurora Pops Up!

August 31, 2021

A few weeks ago, while running an errand on Yonge St., I was captured by a rhythm and a beat. For a moment I transcended the traffic and my to-do list to immerse in a bit of a touristy feel. Too soon the light changed and I was drawn back to the moment and my pending destination.

Later in the day I was surprised how the thought of that encounter made me smile and feel relaxed and renewed.

When time allowed I googled to find the source… “Aurora Pops Up”! I was excited to read the synopsis and the mission of this travelling show, organized and put into motion by the Aurora Cultural Centre. Quoting from their website:


… This is an outdoor performing arts festival designed to revitalize the creative energy of Aurorans by staging a series of short live performances of music and dance in outdoor spaces across the town, open to everyone free of charge. Aurora Pops Up aims to look at how cultural programming can intersect with the daily lives of people in a deeper, more meaningful way…. offering unique experiences, moments of connection, and inspiring new ways of being around each other.


I say hats-off to all involved! We need this joyful surprise and that ‘getaway moment’ this summer more than ever. And as I write, I am more than excited that we may be having an Aurora Pops Up event right on our doorstep. Here’s to a song and a dance on route to your favorite cheese!