Tetilla DO

This popular cheese can be spotted afar by the signature and unique flattened conical shape. It is from the north western reaches of Spain in the Region Galicia. Made from cow’s milk it is semi-soft in texture and shows a pale yellow interior paste. Tasting reveals a sweet, clean, and buttery flavour.  As it ages, Tetilla becomes firmer, more resilient, and flavour development presents a slight acidity noted on the finish.

How To Enjoy:

Delicious at the end of a meal, Tetilla goes well with sharper fruit. Think of thin apple wedges, or perhaps, as in Spain, serve with quince paste. Try Tetilla with a dry, full bodied wine, sherry, or a Galician white.


  • Milk Cow
  • Country Spain
  • Region Galicia
  • Type Semi-Soft