St. Maure de Touraine AOC

St. Maure de Touraine is one of the most popular of the six AOC Loire goat cheeses. These are perceived by cheese lovers around the world as the benchmark against which all aged fresh goat cheeses are measured. The rind is dusted with ash and covered with tufted blue molds and patches of gray. Aesthetically this provides a stark contrast against the pure white, slightly grainy interior. It is long, narrow, and log-shaped. The hand-made logs note a long central straw (or paille) which signifies the true artisanal version.

How To Enjoy:

Lemony fresh, slightly nutty and herbaceous, St. Maure is a unique conversation-and-center piece for the most exquisite cheese board. It is also excellent in salads, or in thick rings grilled on a crusty baguette or fresh bread. Crisp whites, light rose’s, or fruity red wines of the Loire make the best companions.


  • Milk Goat
  • Country France
  • Region Loire Valley
  • Type Soft