Red Leicester

This is a traditional and classic English cheese that is recognized by the bright tangerine-orange paste. It is made in a similar way to a cheddar with the vegetable-derived annatto giving it the distinguishable colour. This cheese was prolific by the late 18th Century, but sadly farmhouse production all but died in the mid 1900’s in favour of the industrial version. But in 2005, the original clothbound version of this cheese was thankfully revived by the “Handmade Cheese Company” in Leicestershire, England.

How To Enjoy:

The texture of Red Leicester is dense, almost waxy, and very smooth.  It has a mellow nuttiness and sweetness of flavour with a slight citrus finish.  Very tasty on thinly sliced toast, in tarts, or as a standout colour contrast on the cheeseboard.  Matches well with a Cotes du Rhone, Chenin Blanc, or Vouvray.


  • Milk Cow
  • Country England
  • Region Leicestershire
  • Type Hard