Monte Enebro

Monte Enebro is a modern artisan cheese made by legendary Spanish cheesemaker Rafael Baez. It is made from pasturized goat’s milk and is pressed lightly into a log or ‘mule hoof’ shaped cheese form and then rubbed on the exterior with Penicillium Roqueforti. This unusual method adds to the appearance of the distinctive gray-black colour rind and to the slightly assertive bite on the surface. The semi-soft paste is pleasantly chalky when young but becomes softer and more translucent under the rind with age. The flavours start lightly citric and lemony and intensify somewhat with maturity.

How To Enjoy:

Lovely in a beetroot or green salad; very decorative on the cheeseboard. Best served with an Alsation Gewurtzraminer, Muscat, or Sauternes.


  • Milk Goat
  • Country Spain
  • Region Avila
  • Type Semi-Soft