This cheese is named after the ancient traditional Acadian Holiday that is celebrated in only four locations in Canada – one being Ile aux Grues… the home of the Fromagerie that creates this rustic cheese.

Mi-Careme is made with raw, unpasteurized milk. It is soft and smooth in texture, and pungent in aroma. It offers a fresh hazelnut and mushroom flavour with a slightly bitter yet pleasant aftertaste. This cheese has a uniquely mixed rind, being both bloomy and washed. The appearance starts white but becomes a light orange colour with aging.

How To Enjoy:

This full-flavour cheese is an excellent desert choice with fruit. It is wonderful as a cheese-for-two (or three, or more) served with a dry, medium to full bodied red wine. You can also pair with an ale to bring out the distinctly earthy flavours of Mi-Careme. Look for notes of mushroom and leather.


  • Milk Cow
  • Country Canada
  • Region Quebec
  • Type Soft