Handeck is made at Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese in Woodstock, Ontario. It is an example of true farmstead cheese in that all of the milk used in the production comes directly from the cheese-maker’s own dairy farm. It is produced in the same methods as the classic Swiss mountain style cheeses and is aged on cedar planks for 18 months. The wood adds interesting notes to the finished cheese that carries overall complex and nutty overtones. Handeck won the 2015 Best Farmhouse Cheese in the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix.

How To Enjoy:

This cheese will melt nicely so enjoy scraped atop boiled potatoes or vegetables. Also marvelous on fresh baguette. It pairs famously with a Pinot Noir and the choice of a Niagara vineyard one will complement the terroir. A roasty dark beer also works well.


  • Milk Cow
  • Country Canada
  • Region Ontario
  • Type Hard