This is an organic farmstead cheese created and introduced in 2008 by the Holden family of Credigion, West Wales. It is made using a cheddar recipe and the milk of their own herd of Ayrshire cows. This breed produces less quantity than many dairy cattle, but theirs is a rich and creamy milk. Hence the yellowy rich appearance and the creamy in the mouth texture. The taste is full yet pure with a complex and middle note tang. The finish is green and grassy and conjures up the lush Welsh pastures.

How To Enjoy:

Hafod (pronounced Havod) is great on the cheeseboard and adds a special ambience if left in the rustic cloth binding. It goes well with a simple crusty bread and can be combined with a medium body red as well as with a chilled ale. It melts well and lends a nice tang to any favourite au gratin dish.


  • Milk Cow
  • Country Wales
  • Region Credigion
  • Type Hard