This is a traditional Norwegian cheese (pronounced “yay-toast’) that is very distinctive by its brown fudge-like appearance. Once made using only goat’s milk, it is now produced from a mix of whey from both cow’s and goat’s milk. This milk is evaporated over low heat to concentrate and caramelize the sugars, resulting in the browned colour and the slightly sweetened finish.  It is molded into blocks within days and undergoes no aging.

How To Enjoy:

The taste of this cheese can be described as having hints of caramel and peanut butter but holding true the distinctive goaty flavour. Gjetost is shaved with a cheese plane into very thin slices and eaten on flatbread… often for breakfast. As a Norwegian custom, it is served with spiced fruitcake at Christmas.


  • Milk Goat & Cow
  • Country Norway
  • Region Ostlandet
  • Type Fresh